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If you are a new or struggling writer & want to do something about it

Use our daily story prompts to transform your fuzzy ideas into something real
Stop waiting for inspiration, motivation, or willpower to get you to start writing

Practice makes progress!


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Creative writing is difficult.  Everyone is a struggling writer whether you are a beginner or an accomplished author paralyzed by overthinking, perfectionism, dealing with crippling self-doubt, feeling like you're not creative enough, or lack discipline or time.

Which of these questions below are you asking yourself because you don't know how to start or because you are blocked.

At Sloppy Copy, these story prompts drive you to start small to be a content maker.  You tell your story and find the flow of writing by hand. These prompts help you to take the smallest and most effortless step to start writing to transform your fuzzy ideas into something real.

Select below which module of prompts will jumpstart you wherever you are on your creative journey.

Where do I start?

Where is my character's head at?

Who is narrating my story?


  • These daily prompts will ask you to go places, do things, feel, listen & observe with a sense of wonder

  • Forge & collect ideas, thoughts, & experiences of what intrigues you

  • Embrace play to let all the crazy ideas loose & explore your curiosities

  • These prompt questions provide you with a starting point of what fascinates you


  • These daily prompts will ask you questions to make sense of the world with our relationships, timelines, building the manikin, dissecting our emotional maps, and exploring the interior and exterior of world building

  • Understand yourself to create authentic characters no matter the genre

  • Make space for big emotions

  • Sculpt your characters internally and externally one prompt question at a time


  • These prompts will ask who's voice is telling the story

  • Select gamification choice - reward or consequences to propel you to show up

  • Select a throwaway project that you want to experiment with but can discard if you like

  • Generate your own questions to ask and answer to get your story

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If you can answer YES to any of these questions, then sign up below and get out of your comfort zone to create something magical!


Are you willing to take the emotional risk and excavate your inner self and the world around you? Be curious to what you may find? Step away from stagnation and go places, do things, allow yourself to feel things, and play to see with fresh eyes.  Live your life to have experiences and material to explore. Inaction keeps us emotionally safe so be courageous instead!  Write your story by playing again.


Are you willing to slow down your creative process to experiment or explore without any expectations or judgments weighing you down?  Write by hand and answer these prompts and delve into what it is to be human and build something authentic to draw others into your world.

We ask that you use a writing instrument with a notebook, sketchbook, index cards, or loose-leaf paper to feel your words flowing from your hand to find emotional release through writing.


Can you accept using a system to help you show up regardless of the outcome from yesterday or today? 

Show up for yourself and take the smallest and most effortless step on a daily basis to start writing. When action is taken consistently and intentionally, it will help create momentum to get you through the sunny or stormy days.  You are building a habit to show up despite you aren't in the mood or your day is terrible.


Can you accept writing badly just so you can practice writing regularly?

Fortune favors the brave!

So be brave and embrace imperfection to learn how to write a discovery draft to find the story you want to tell.  Take up the challenge to go on a writing journey.

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Sloppy Copy is a way of life; laughing in the face of the beast!  Let's make a Sloppy draft, take risks, find joy, learn and play to figure it out. 

It's only on paper so no humans or animals are harmed.

Let's get something down on paper however terrible or imperfect it may be. Only when you have written something down can you edit to make it better.  You cannot revise a blank page.


We are a writing practice framework with a personality to deliver you one daily prompt question based on your writing journey and not a digital or a writing organizer tool.

Delivery of the prompt is digital but the work you put is analog to slow down the creative process to discover the possibilities.


Our prompt questions are designed to help you brainstorm and mine your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to craft 1 to 3 measly sentences per day, not to teach you to write.  No decision making is needed.  Our framework will help you take action and stay out of your big head.

Our hope is for you to imagine the possibilities, dream, and follow your curiosities.


Our system focuses on breaking the 3 stages of the writing process into separate actions: ideation, concept development, and discovery of your story. We have combined the predictability of sending you a daily prompt question while asking you to embrace chaos to accept the random prompts based on your creative journey.

Writers who are struggling in any of these stages can get the help they need.


We dare you to spend 2 minutes each day to answer a prompt question!  Let's see tough you are.  The minutes will gradually increase the deeper you go into your writing journey to wrestle with the writing beast. Our framework is to help you build a writing practice to learn and feed your creative soul. 

We can all start small and take action for 2 minutes without talking our self out of doing it or making excuses on why it's best not to try it.  We also get to work on something we love by taking this daily action which is too small to fail.


Our questions are designed to encourage you to have fun, be messy, and thoughtful to explore what makes us human.

Only when you can be authentic to yourself, that you can create characters that are relatable no matter the genre or story you want to tell.

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When you respond to a daily prompt, you are taking the smallest and most effortless step to start writing.

Let's go crazy and make a beautiful mess!

If you have questions, please contact me.

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Discover how to set up a writing practice, get over your fears, and receive bi-weekly story prompts

Hey there!
Want to Wrestle a Beast Named Writing?

Embrace the struggle to practice towards progress!

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Okay, that's not me. Just building my Frankie!

What would you give to be a kid again - laugh out loud and be carefree with no worries in the world.  You would have the freedom to play without judgment and not feel the heavy burden that you must do it right and believe you are worthy only because you're productive. 


Well, I am older and a little wiser to realize that I am worthy and not defined by my results as a person or writer.  But it took a long while to learn this about myself.

I created Sloppy Copy because I'm an ADHD and dyslexic who has struggled to write a book because I've been overwhelmed by the enormity of it.  I once believed I was unworthy because I didn't know how to write a book and where to start. All I had was plenty of ideas that went nowhere.

Then I had an epiphany to combine writing and the Agile framework to build a creative process system to destroy a blank page.  Agility solves problems by breaking a project into small chunks to encourage experimentation.  My objective is to get out of my head and Agile allows me to do it.

Sloppy Copy was born as a result of my struggle and frustration that I had for many years to get the words down on paper.

I'm excited to see you grow your creativity and be a content creator and conquer the blank page with my story development system.

All the best,



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