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DAY 3 Building Frankie

Point of View: Obsessions

Purpose: Understand what is observed and unintentionally filtered as nonessential in the world we live in. Inspired by Bret Anthony Johnston's article 'Understand Your Character's Obsession.'


  • Snatch a notebook, journal, or sketchbook

  • Grab any instrument to write or draw

  • Get a timer

Before You Get Started:

  • Grab your tools

  • Make a mark anywhere on the page – to destroy the blank page

  • Remember to let go of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

  • Set your kitchen timer for 2 minutes OR click on this free link for the kitchen timer


  • Whether you are inside or outside, go where you don't spend a lot of time as the other rooms/places

  • What are the 2-5 things you notice right away? Whether it is scent, touch, sight, etc.

  • Why did you notice them? What do these observations tell you about yourself?

  • How do these things you observed make you feel?


5-4-3-2-1...Let's go!

Do you have a Spare Moment for Your Character?

  • In the same room you visited, what are the 2-5 things your character would notice right away? Whether it is scent, touch, sight, etc.

  • Why did your character notice them? What does that tell about your character?

  • How do these things make you feel?


Let us know if you have completed today's challenge by clicking one of the buttons below.

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