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DAY 5 Find Wild Things

Purpose: Be vulnerable to all of it - disappointment, failure, heartbreak but also invite the opportunity for joy, wonder, discovery, love indescribable... (George Hahn)


  • Grab a blank postcard, a page from a notebook, or even the back of an envelope or grocery receipt

  • Snatch a writing instrument (pen, pencil, marker, etc.)

  • Take a timer



  • Grab a postcard, a page from a notebook, or use the back of an envelope or receipt

  • Reveal to us your secret as long as it is true - what you feel/felt, done, or not done

  • Let your page be your canvas of what you say or feel

  • Then destroy your secret if you must

Set your timer for 2 minutes OR click on this free link for the kitchen timer

5-4-3-2-1... Let's go!

Do you have a Spare Moment for Your Character?

What secret is your character holding inside?

Let us know if you have completed today's challenge by clicking one of the buttons below.

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