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Calling all Scribblers, Biggest fan, Confidante, True Crime Journalists, Protagonist, Prisoner...

If any of these personas are one of your alter egos, contact us immediately! We need your assistance!


We need up to 5 individuals to be truth seekers or unreliable narrators to produce field notes or a character journal to document a protagonist of your choice to explore.

Our story prompts are crafted to help you develop your character layer by layer.  These prompts consist of character interviews, scenarios, and activities to help you approach your character from different angles to kickstart your curiosity and make it fun.  How amazing will it be to also role play with your character if you choose to do so?

We are offering free 30-day prompts for mystery or crime thriller Creatives delivered in text or in speech. We created these 30-day prompts to help you build your protagonist.


These prompts will help you to write in tiny chunks to understand your character more intimately.  In return, all we ask is that you share your experience with us in a Zoom meeting or complete our survey at the conclusion of this experiment.  We hope that with your feedback we can make it even better when we go live with our prompts.

Please join us for 30 days if you are a new, struggling, or curious Creative that wants to challenge yourself and be part of our mad experiment.

Mad Experiment Sign up!

Welcome to the Mad Creative Club!

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Mad Experiment Recipe:

1 Creative
1 Character of your choosing
1 story prompt per day for 30 days

1*. Choose an alter ego or a persona to help you distance yourself from any fear or anxiety, write as yourself, or as your protagonist

2*. Select a 'protagonist' that is critical to your story and that you want to spend 30 days getting to know intimately better

3. Complete a profile questionnaire

4. To be continued...

Get the rest of this recipe by signing up.

But hurry!

Our experiment begins October 6th, 2022!

The alter-ego/persona and character name can not be changed once selected (unless you reach out directly)!

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